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More about Baynards

"Baynards House set down its roots in the 1860s, when the site fell across the boundary of the parishes of Kensington and Paddington. At that time a conglomeration of houses and shops covered the land, and it was not until 1905 that J.E. Stubbs, a prominent architect and builder of the time, obtained permission to erect a single building on Hereford Road. Later that year, Stubbs extended his building onto Chepstow Place and Westbourne Grove, but Baynards House did not finally evolve, as one building, until 1953. The glamorous and fashionable lifestyle within this small part of the world’s greatest city is not a recent association.

Part of Westbourne Grove was occupied from 1873 by a company variously known as Bradleys, silk mercers to dressmakers, milliners and costume makers. Bradleys’ trade grew during the late Nineteenth Century to incorporate their own sales of mourning clothes and furs, drapery and ladies tailoring, and at the same time the premises expanded into Chepstow Place. Just after the turn of the century Bradleys acquired the Arctic Fur Store, “renowned for the finest furs”, which was to pave the way for their rise to pre-eminence in the London fashion world."